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Best Canon entry-level DSLR cameras for beginners

DSLR cameras provide users a creative full control over the gear. Big budget DSLR camera gives more controls and comes with more specifications. But for students, semi-professional and photographers on a low budget an entry-level DSLR is enough to go. Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Sony have some great entry-level DSLR cameras for professional, amateur and semi-professional photographers. Here we'll discuss only about Canon entry-level DSLR cameras.

best entry level Canon cameras for beginners

Best Canon entry-level DSLR cameras:

Canon has a wide range of DSLR cameras in its arsenal for entry-level and semi-professional photographers. Such as:

  • Canon 1200D (Rebel T5)
  • Canon 600D (Rebel T3i)
  • Canon  650D (Rebel T4i)
  • Canon 700D (Rebel T5i)
  • Canon 750D (Rebel T6i)

Canon 1200D (Rebel T5)

Canon announced this camera on 11 February 2014. It is known as EOS Kiss X70 in Japan and EOS Rebel T5 in US. Canon EOS 1200D is 18.1-megapixel entry-level DSLR camera and has a 1080p video recording system.

entry level Canon cameras canon eos 1200d

Key features of Canon 1200D:

Canon 1200D aimed at the first-time DLSR users and comes with some great features. Main features of this camera is,

* 18 Megapixel CMOS * 9 AF points * Powerful DIGIC processor * Stuning 1080p movies
* Digic 4 processor * 3fps continuous shooting

Pros & Cons:

This is a very entry level camera so professionals may find some cons of this gear.


* Great high ISO performance * Easy to use * On budget


In live view mode the auto-focus struggles for correct focus * Brust mode is slow
*Low resolution LCD

Canon 600D (Rebel T3i)

The 18 megapixel Canon 600D/canon rebel t3i with a fully articulated display is one of the cheapest and top class entry level DSLR camera among Canon cameras. In North America it is called as EOS Rebel T3i and in Japan it is known as EOS Kiss X5. Canon EOS 600D supersedes the Canon EOS 550D/Rebel t2i and comes with a 1040k dots multi angle LCD display and a user friendly control menu.

Get Full Review Here
best entry level Canon cameras canon 600D

Key features of Canon 600D: 

This lightweight Canon camera has a very user friendly interface and offers a beautiful LCD screen which is very helpful for low and high angle photography. Canon EOS 600D is a very popular camera to all over the world.

*Fully articulated 1040k dots LCD screen.  *18 Megapixel CMOS sensor.    *ISO level 100-12,800
*Scene Intelligent Auto (Full Auto Mode).  * Inbuilt Wireless flash control   *Basic+ Mode
*Full HD 1080P video recording at 30fps.   *Digital Zoom in video recording (3–10×)

Pros & Cons:


*Excellent image quality           * Excellent video quality         * Multi-angle LCD
*Full HD video recording         *Fast autofocus                         *HDMI output
*Wireless flash transmitter        *Great depth of field                * Easy menu controls


* Poor build quality              *Noisy, excess shutter rolling noise    *Small hand-grip
* Slow video autofocus        *Slow AF in live view.                        * Short battery life

Canon 650D (Rebel T4i)

Canon 650D is the world’s first DSLR camera to introduce a vari-angle touchscreen LCD. This camera comes with a genius focusing system and with some new features than the predecessor Canon 600D.  Canon 650D has a Digic 5 processor which is about six time faster than 600D’s digic 4.

best entry level Canon cameras canon eos 650d

Main Features of Canon 650D: 

This is a perfect fit for photographers who want to start their DSLR adventure. It is a mid-range camera with a decent design and some unique features.

* Digic 5 processor * 18.0 MP APS-C CMOS sensor * 5 fps continuous shooting
* Vari- angle LCD touch screen * 9-point wide-area AF

Pros & Cons:


* Touchscreen * Vari-angle screen * Decent image quality and higher ISO
* 5fps continuous shooting * Easy Interface


* No headphone socket * Auto white balance isn’t always accurate
* Touchscreen should be improved

Canon 700D (Rebel T5i)

Canon 700D also known as rebel T5i is one of the best in any entry level DSLR with a superior image quality. 700D comes with a vari-angle clear view 1040k-dot LCD screen and took the place of short-lived Canon 650D. It has some unique features like mode dial that turns 360 degrees and real-time preview of Creative Filters in Live View mode.

best entry level Canon cameras canon eos 700d

Main Features of Canon 700D:

The highlighted features of this camera is 18MP CMOS sensor, Flips-out 1040k dot screen and 14 bit digic-5 processor. This camera produce surprisingly good images as an entry-level DSLR camera.

* 18MP APS-C 'Hybrid CMOS' sensor * 14-bit DIGIC 5 processor
* Higher ISO level 100-12800, 25600 when expanded. * 5 fps continuous shooting
* 9 point cross type AF system * 1040 dots touch screen vari-angle LCD screen.
* Continuous auto-focus in movie mode. * phase detection auto-focus for video and live view mode.

Pros & Cons:


*Superior image quality. * Great build quality * Nice noise control
* Great video quality and sound capture * Lightweight body * Responsive touchscreen


*Autofocus is slow in live view mode. * Autofocus sensor straggle to get sharp pixel with kit lens like 18-55mm. * Not a great update than the previous version. * Short video life.

Canon 750D (Rebel T6i)

This one is the greatest gear in the Canon Rebel series DSLR cameras. It is also known as Rebel T6i. 750D comes with a new 7560 pixel RGB+IR metering sensor and brings out more accurate metering. It is far better than its predecessor 700D. It not only an entry-level camera, I pro can also go with that. The 24.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor produces superb image quality. Other new features are like built in Wi-Fi with NFC and flicker detection.

best entry level Canon cameras canon eos 750d

Main Features of Canon 750D:

750D comes with a great autofocus. It is very easy to handle and very comfortable to shoot with. 750D’s control layout is better than predecessor that’s made the upgrade very useful.

*24.2 APS-C-CMOS sensor * 5 fps continuous shooting. * Canon DIGIC 6 processor
* ISO range of 100-12800 * Vari-angle LCD touchscreen * Full HD movie recording with great autofocus.

Pros & Cons:


* 19 cross type AF points * Wifi and NFC connectivity * Super quality responsive 3inch 1040k vari-angle touchscreen LCD. * Great autofocus system. * Great for low light photography.


*No weather Sealing. * Viewfinder doesn’t give 100% frame coverage (covers 95%)
*Uncomfortable route to AF point settings.

Photography is a beautiful art. Every DSLR camera from high-end to low-end are very useful. An amateur can take an amazing picture with the help of the DSLR cameras if he learn some photography technique like low light photography, custom bokeh shapes, HDR photography, Sunny 16 rule, Rule of thirds etc. This list of entry-level DSLR cameras is good to go with. They are very affordable and easy to handle. Entry-level DSLR cameras or cheap DSLR cameras are very useful to students, photographers on budget and to semi-professional photographers to start the photography career.

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Helpful handy photography checklist for photographers

Are you getting ready for another adventure, excursion or getting ready for a wedding photography session and don’t want to repeat those mistakes you have done before? It is very common that you missed an amazing shot because you forget to change correct ISO, Shutter Speed or aperture. So our suggestion is to take a look at your photography checklist to avoid those silly mistakes. You should use the photography checklist to be sure that all your photography equipment are okay and ready to go and you are ready to do the job flawlessly.

useful checklist before photographing anything

What is a photography checklist?

Photography checklist is a helpful guide to follow before photographing anything. A useful guideline or a to-do list which will guide you for a particular photography session. A photography checklist includes those below points:

  • Lists of Gears and Lenses needed for the particular session.
  • Is all equipment are okay to go?
  • Selecting background and overall location.
  • Making a written manual checklist if needed.
  • Weather protection equipment.
  • Focusing, Cropping and Framing

photography checklist for photographers

Why photography checklist?

Using photography checklist means getting ready before any photography session. You have to check things before shooting photos. Suppose you are going out for a weeding photography session then you may prefer a prime lens than a kit lens. A photography checklist is a plan that can suggest you to do things according to the plan so that you never miss any opportunity.
Different points of photography checklist

Helpful handy photography checklist for photographers:

We generally make mistake in some common points. Sometime we forget to bring the correct lens or during photography session we notice that the battery level is low. Sometime we miss an amazing picture for not selecting the correct shutter speed of ISO. So we have to keep the checklist in mind to avoid these mistakes. Here we will discuss about two different points to check photography checklist.

  • Before leaving the house
  • In the shooting location.

useful checklist before photograpy for photographers

Before leaving home for a photography session:  

We have to check few things before leaving for photography. Just keep an eye on the checklist to be sure that everything is fine. We have to check:-

  • Is correct lenses are packed?
  • Is there enough space in memory card?
  • Did you recharge your batteries?
  • Are you taking weather Shields for your gear?
  • Are you missing any essential accessories?
  • Did you clean your photography equipment properly?

Check the lenses: 

I love landscape photography and portrait photography. What is your passion? What are you going to photograph? Is it a wedding photography session or wildlife photography session or portrait photography session? You have to check your gear box closely. If you are going for a wedding photography session then you can take 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Lens, 50mm f/1.2Lens or 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Lens and if are going out for wildlife photography then you can better take 600mm f/4L IS II USM Lens or 200-400mm f/4L IS USM lenses. Those lenses are high budget lenses. There are also low budget lenses those you can prefer instead. Take a look into your gear list and pick the correct lenses for a particular photography session.

Check memory card status: 

Our suggestion is to keep at least two memory cards and format your memory card before you go out. If there is no image or video files in memory card, system files can take some spaces, so it’s better to format the memory card to get the full card space. If you want to buy a new memory card then our suggestion is don’t buy a cheap worthless memory card. Check the memory card class before buying it. You should go for at least class 10 memory card. Class 10 memory card give you a high speed (about 10 mbps) of copying and smooth browsing experience. You can’t record a continuous 1080p HD video without a class8 or class 10 memory card. So a top brand high quality memory card is a must.

Check for batteries life: 

You should keep two batteries in your gear box. If you are going out for videography then keeping extra batteries is a must because videography can drain your battery life. On the other hand if you to use a lot of flash (insufficient light source/low light photography) in your photography then you should take an extra battery with you.  Don’t forget to take the battery charger and if you have a battery grip don’t forget to take it.

Check for weather Shields: 

This part is very important for wildlife photographers as well as other photographers. Weather shields is very important for outdoor photography during rainy season. Weather Shields price is affordable so we suggest you to keep it in your box. Lens hood helps your lens to avoid direct sunlight so you should keep it also.

Check for photography accessories: 

It is a very common habit to forget taking some important accessories in the camera bag. So before you leave check whether you take all your accessories in your camera bag. Main camera accessories are Camera flash, wireless flash triggers, photo bokeh paper, camera remote shutter releases, tripod, light meter, battery grip, lens cap holder, UV lens filter, camera polarizing filters, Camera Color Filters etc. You don’t need all of them at the same time but check for all important accessories you need for a particular photography session.

Clean all your photography equipment: 

Check if you cleaned all your gear and accessories properly. A dust spot in your lens can ruin a beautiful photo. Especially when you capture bokeh then a dust spot can spoil all your bokeh in a single frame. Once I had this experience. I captured a lot of bokeh with a Canon 50mm 1.8 II lens which has some dust spots inside the lens (I didn’t notice before) during a travel and the result was Ouch… I managed to recover those pictures with the help of Adobe Photoshop but this is too much annoying.

photography checklist photographers

You can use lens cleaning tissues, Microfiber cleaning cloth, Liquid cleaning solution, Lens cleaning pen and dust blower to clean you gear and accessories.

Checklist to follow in the shooting spot

You have to check few things before taking photos in the shooting location. Most of the tips in this section are related to photography tips but they are very essential to remember and very crucial to check before you start shooting photos.

  • Take a close look at your subject/ is your subject ready?
  • Check ISO settings
  • Check for correct exposure
  • Don’t miss the correct focus
  • Check the background
  • Framing

best photography checklist for photographers

Take a close look at the subject: 

Are you photographing a wedding couple or shooting wildlife photos of animals or shooting landscape? You have to think about the subject. Is your subject ready for shooting? The subject of the photo is the main element of photography. To be successful I think subject should be clear, well focused and sharp. I know in creative shooting focusing the actual subject isn’t necessary all the time. This is a general rule for all photographers. And I believe if you know all the photography rules well you can then break all the rules for a creative shot. That’s exceptional.

Check ISO Settings: 

You have to change the ISO depending on the time and lighting conditions. ISO settings differs in open shade, heavy overcast, very cloudy, sunny day or in low light conditions. Learn Sunny 16 Rule to apply it properly. But remember the lower the ISO the better the picture is. Higher ISO produces grainer images. So try to keep it low always. But in low light condition you have to increase the number.

Check for correct exposure: 

If you have a light meter then measuring correct exposure is easy for you but if you don’t have it then you have to understand exposure well. Learning exposure will help you to shoot photos without a light meter. Correct exposure is a perfect combination of ISO, Aperture and shutter speed which ensures your image is not going to be underexposed or overexposed.

Don’t miss the correct focus: 

Suppose your camera is set to manual focus and you are in outdoor for capturing some flying birds. It is quite impossible to shoot flying birds with manual focus because the subject is changing its position constantly. So check the focus mode in different photography scenarios whether it is set to manual or auto-focus.

Check the background: 

Background is very important for creative photo-shoots. Good depth of field gives high quality portraits. During wedding photography and wildlife photography, photos with green blurry background looks very outstanding and creative.


A nice framing idea can change the whole picture. Framing is basically concerned with the subject position and perspective of the viewer. The main objective here is to gain the viewer’s attraction. Learning Repoussoir, Depth of field, white space and Rule of Thirds can lead you better results.

Hope you will follow these photography checklist next time you go out for photography. This checklist will not take too much time to learn but if you learn it from heart then it will help you help you next time from missing any precious moment. This way you can note down your wedding photography checklist or any other general photography checklist and but make sure to use the checklist before any photography.

That’s all from us. If you have any additional idea then share with us in the comment box below.

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Advanced YouTube video search tips & Tricks

At present YouTube is the no 1 video sharing site. YouTube has over one billion of users and each day people spend hundreds of millions of hours here. We search YouTube videos for music video, video search, game review, tips & tricks, tutorials and for many other reasons. But do we know how to search video on YouTube effectively? Most of the time we type our keywords in the YouTube search bar and hit enter. If we use some YouTube search tip and tricks then the search results can be more efficient. Today I going to share some advance YouTube search tips with you.
advanced youtube videos search tips tricks


YouTube is a partner of Google so you’ll see some similarity in some search tricks of google search and YouTube search. In some cases some searching methods are same but in most cases they are different. You can also learn advanced google search tips and tricks. It is worth learning and you’ll never regret learning this. Now we’ll see how to filter YouTube video search results to find what we exactly need.

  • YouTube video search tips using default filter: 

Sometime we forget to use the YouTube default filter. This filter helps us to be specific on YouTube search results.

advanced youtube videos search tips

Categories of default filters are Upload date, Type, Duration, Features and Sort by. Each category has some sub-categories. If you want a video in 4k format with less than 4 minute duration you can set the filter here. So you will get all results according to your choice.

  • Search only in YouTube videos by Google Search Tricks:

You can use google search tricks to find videos only in YouTube site. You can tell google only to search video inside YouTube.
Example: [Iron Maiden site:youtube.com]

advanced youtube videos search tips and tricks

Google will show you video search results only on YouTube. This way you can search any content in any specific website. This is a very helpful tips for students and researchers to find useful content/resource in a website.

  • Use Comma (,) for specific YouTube search:

You can manually set filters otherwise you can use comma in a specific format to search YouTube videos with filter.

advanced youtube videos search tricks

Example: If you search video of Slash’s HD music longer than 20 minutes then you should type these keywords in the following way “Slash, HD, Long”. The filter will search videos those are in HD mode and longer than 30 minutes. And if you use Short instead of Long in the filter it will shows videos lesser than 4 minutes. This is actually a smart way of not using the default filter manually.

***Remove any filter by clicking on it:
If you use filter in the YouTube search bar and want to delete any of the filters then you can remove any filter by clicking on it. It’s so simple.

  • Use (+) operator (Boolean Operators) to add additional phrase:

(+)Boolean Operator allows you to add additional keywords for your search results.
Use this format “Slash +myles kennedy”

advanced youtube videos searching tips and tricks

By using this YouTube search trick you will get results having both Slash and Myles Kennedy phrases.

  • Use hyphen (-) (Boolean Operators)  to exclude phrases from YouTube search results:

We can use hyphen (-) to exclude some phrases or keywords in the YouTube search bar.
Example: [rammstein -"live"]

advanced youtube videos search guide and tips

This search will exclude “live” word from the result. So if we want Rammstein video songs without live performances we can search this way. This results will show music videos, interview, and audio songs excluding all results having “live” keyword. This method of YouTube video search is very useful.
*** There is an alternative of this method.
Example: [rammstein, -live]

advanced guide to search youtube videos effectively

You can use this method instead of the previous one. Both will show same video search results.

  • Use [intitle:"search term"] to force specific keyword search for YouTube videos:

We can use this trick also in google search. This will forcibly exclude other keywords from search result.
Example: [Scorpions:"always somewhere"]

advanced youtube videos search guide

This search will provide search results having “always somewhere” keywords in it.

  • Specify start time in YouTube videos:

Suppose you want to share a video with someone, or you want to show a motivational YouTube video in presentation for your employees and you want a specific portion of this video to be watched then you can use this trick. You can set the start time manually by yourself.

Example YouTube video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqXauwC-L1c

Add start time after the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqXauwC-L1c#t=01m08s

This will allow you to start the video right from 1:05 seconds.
To embed a portion of any YouTube video you can do the same thing. Add this start time in the embedded code like:
Embedded code:

advanced youtube search tips and tricks
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Whether you are a marketer or an individual love using YouTube a lot or using it for a marketing purpose then understanding how YouTube search really work is essential. Here is my best search tips for YouTube search. You can use this simple advanced YouTube search tips and commands to boost up your YouTube presence. YouTube is very potential if you know how to search on YouTube videos efficiently or how to search YouTube like a pro. If you know any additional YouTube search tricks then share with us.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Best Online resources for learning photography

You can join photography courses at any reputed photography institute or photography schools at your area or you can join any online photography courses or you can find useful photography tips, tutorials and photography resources on the web to build up your photography skills. But how to find useful photography content or online photography resources? Yeah, torrent is a great source if you use it wisely. Except that there are hundred photography websites and photography resources sites to learn photography and collect contents that you need.

best online resources for learning photography

Best Online resources for learning photography:

There are many online resources where you can find useful photography software, guidebooks, pdf books and other photography documents. You have to be little tricky about finding those materials. Do you know that you can only search for PDF or excel file or you can exclude some websites/include websites from google search result? Searching in a specific way in google (Advance google search tricks) can lead you better results. I am sure you'll never regret learning this. We can get photography contents from various online sources.

Photography Resources in Photography Forums:

Photography forum is a great place for photographers. You can learn, discuss, teach and sell yourself here as a photographer. There are so many categories in every photography forum. Pick the correct one that you need. Try this 15 best photography forums list to learn more about photography forum.

Photography resources in Torrent sites:

It’s not just simple to type “photography” in torrent search bar. You have to be little tricky this time. You have to be specific on you search query. Suppose you’re good at editing and want to have some Adobe light room presets then you can use the torrent search bar like “lightroom presets”. (See the image below)

photography resources in torrent websites

You can find photography pdf books, video tutorial here. All you have to be more specific and tricky about what you’re searching. But which torrent websites you can trust or which torrent websites have more contents? See Top torrent sites those have more contents and seeders than other torrent sites.

Video sharing websites for Photography Resources:

YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion are great sources of photography tutorials. Apart from tutorials photographers visit these sites for camera, gear, photography gadget analysis and reviews. You can learn Advanced YouTube search tricks to get the most of YouTube.

Photo Editing Learning sites: 

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Light are the best photo editing tools out there I know that. But first you have learn editing like a pro. Some websites I know can help you with learning editing. Digital Photography School, creativeLIVE, Cambridge in Colour are some good websites to learn photo editing.

Photo sharing sites for photographers: 

You can make online photo album, upload pictures in photo sharing sites. Photo sharing sites like flickr, 500px, Imgur, DeviantArt, Photobucket, Viewbug have huge online photo storage. You can use it to store pictures and you can share it to social media or any other photography websites.

Best photography blogs and photographers: 

Learning from world’s great photographers is a key success point to armatures.  You can learn a lot visiting their websites, reading their tips and getting ideas about how do they do it. World class photographers like Joe Mcnally, David duChemin, Chase Jarvis, Scott Kelby, Karen Hutton,  Thomas Hawk can change the way you’re thinking about photography.

Social media as online photography resources:

Nowadays social media play a vital role finding photography materials, photography lessons and photography tips and tutorials. About 1.05 billion people visit Facebook each day. Other social sites like Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, Digg, Reddit are also good sources of photography content. Social sites have photography groups, and photography pages. There are some groups and communities having more than 1000000 members. You can join and share your own work.

Photography Learning Tips for Amateurs:

  • Join photography community and forums.
  • Follow other photography websites by email or get subscribed.
  • Join photography groups in different social sites.
  • Like photography pages in Facebook, google+ and other social media.
  • Follow professional photographers & see how they do things.
  • Share your amazing photo with people by community or group.
  • Interact with people by making a comment and if you need help or ideas don't hesitate to ask for some guidelines. 
  • Find key persons or other moderators of the photography community or photography groups and try to make a contact to get some guidelines for you.

Follow and learn those online resources, photography techniques and photography lessons and enrich your career. Learning more photography ideas, lessons from online source will cost you nothing but time. And you have to give time to fulfill your passion.

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Top 15 Best Photography Forums

You may ask why photography forum when I have so many sites to learn and share different photography tips or tutorials. There are so many social sites to share your work and so many photography blogs and photography websites to learn about photography. But I think photography forums are one of the best option to interact with the people of your type and your niche. So the reasons to join in the best photography forums is different.

top 15 best photography forums for photography

The main reasons behind joining any forum is to Learn, teach, and to sell yourself like a professional photographer.  At a forum there are so many topics to view and discuss. Pick the right topic or thread that you need. May be you have a photography blog site, or small business related to photography then communicating and making a strong network with people under your niche is very crucial for you. You can build you audience, learn more about photography tips, photography rules and guidelines from here.

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You can learn photography tips and tricks from various sources like blogs, website, video sites and forums. Now I’m going to share Top 15 Best Photography Forums with you.

I have uploaded a video on YouTube for this article. You can check it also.

15 Best Photography Forums for photographers:

1. The Photo Forum

top 15 best photography forums the photo forum
The Photo Forum

This is a very useful forum for the photographers. Most of the online photographers know this forum very well. The forum focuses on photography tips and various topics about digital photography. This forum has total 199,672 registered members and 3,394,465 posts so far. Main areas of this forum are TPF Photo Contests, Foundations of Photography, Camera Forum, The Business District, Film Photography, Digital Photography, DSLR Video, Photo Galleries and Forum Feedback and Testing with so many sub categories in every category.

2. DPreview Forum

top 15 best photography forums dpreview
DPreview Forum

The website Digital photography Review is the sole owner of 2. DPreview Forums.  This digital photography forum was established January 1999 and so far it has 3,774,262 threads and 40,395,690 posts. This forum has a large discussion topics about Photo Equipment with so many sub categories for different camera equipment’s. Other main categories are Computers and Printing, Photography and Techniques and many other subcategories including Landscape and Travel Photography, Portrait and People Photography, Black and White Photography, 3D and Stereo Photography, Nature and Wildlife Photography, Documentary and Street photography, Sport and Action Photography, Macro and Still Life Photography, Astrophotography Talk Forum, General Photo Techniques, DIY and Photo Experiments, Underwater Photography, Photographic Science and Technology. The Photo Equipment is large and covers most of the areas of photo equipment.

3. Photography on the Net

top 15 best photography forums photograpy on the net
Photography on the Net Forum

I think this one is the most popular to Canon lovers. Main discussion topics of this forum is Photo Sharing & Visual Enjoyment, General Gear Talk, Post Processing, Marketing & Presenting Photos, Gear Reviews, Canon Cameras, Lenses & Accessories, Leica Cameras, Lenses & Accessories, Sony Cameras, Lenses & Accessories, Nikon Cameras, Lenses & Accessories and many more. This forum has 385,505 members, 17,718,199 posts, 1,412,305 threads, 2,034,240,812 thread views so far.

4. Photographycorner.com

top 15 best photography forums photography corner.com
Photographycorner.com Forum

This forum covers different types of photography with techniques. This forum has a different corner for premiere members so you have to pay to view this areas. The main areas of this forum are Photography Corner, General Photography, Photo Sharing Corner, Critiques & Feedback Corner, Photography Contests, Premiere Members lounge (Only for premiere members), The Marketplace and Feedback section. As of March 13, 2016 total number of Threads: 115,494, Posts: 808,275, Members: 47,925.

5. Photography Talk

top 15 best photography forums photographytalk
Photography Talk Forum

Web design of this forum is not good enough but has huge topics and has a large number of audience every day. Main two section of this forum are Photography and Camera Forum, and General Discussion | Introductions | Off Topic Forum. Photography and Camera Forum has some useful category and subcategory like Beginner Photography Forum, Editing and Presentation of photography, Freelance Photography, Photography Challenge, Landscape, City & Architecture photography, Macro Photography, Sports and Action Photography, Nature and all Wildlife, Black and White Photography, Travel Photography any many more with a huge number of topics in every category. This forum has also different sections for each camera brand like Nikon Camera Forum, Canon Camera Forum, Pentax Camera Forum, Olympus Camera Forum, Sony Camera Forum and many more.

6. Digital Grin (DGrin)

top 15 best photography forums digital grin
Digital Grin (DGrin) Forum

Digital Grin forum has a user friendly design and has a large number of useful posts. This forum has different categories and some other sub forums that is very easy to use. Main focus areas of this forum are Gear, Low Budget Lenses, Digital Darkroom, Camera Accessories, Book and Gear Reviews, Tutorials, tips for choosing a location, photography techniques and different types of photography. As of March 13, 2016 this forum has 239,755: Threads, 1,982,973: Posts and 78,079: Members.

7. The Professional Photography Forum

top 15 best photography forums the professsional photograpy forum
The Professional Photography Forum

This one is a top-class forum and has some great features. There is a news section related to photography news and a business photography section named as The Business of Photography.  Areas of business photography section are Marketing, Running your business and Marketplace help and these guidelines will help new professional photographers a lot. So far the forum has 81898 Posts in 7393 Topics by 2608 Members.

8. Digital Wedding Forum

top 15 best photography forums digital wedding forum
Digital Wedding Forum

This forum is huge but main focuses on wedding photography, wedding photography tips, techniques and resources. Registered members upload their images and videos for discussion and criticism. Main areas of this forum are Marketing & Sales, Art & Shooting, Gear & Software, Portraits, Boudoir, and Fusion etc. This forum is not free to register. You have to pay to be a member here. As of March, 2016, it has more than 5,500 registered members.

9. Photomacrography.Net

top 15 best photography forums photomacrography
Photomacrography.Net Forum

Photomacrography.Net has a total of 184655 articles and 5099 registered users. The forum has a user friendly design and some useful topics. Macro and Micro photography are the main focuses here. Main categories of this forum are Community Discussions and Announcements, Image Galleries, Techniques and Technical Discussions of photography and Beginners Forums. Beginners Forums has two sub sections. They are Beginners Macro and Beginners Micro. So to amateur photographer this is a perfect place.

10. The Australian Photography Forum

top 15 best photography forums australian photography forum
The Australian Photography Forum

Though it is named as Australian Photography Forum but it is open for all. The table of content of this forum is very well-designed. The forum is mainly related to tips and tricks of photography. There is also a category name Mobile Phone photography so mobile photographers get ready to learn some more tips. Main categories of this forum are Beginners Photography, General Photos, Landscapes, Nature, Portraits, Macro & Still Life Photography, Night Photography/ Low light photography tips, Art & Special Effects Photography and so many more. The Australian Photography Forum has total Threads 3,072 Posts 23,909 Members 19,927 and no of Active Members is 161.

11. Amateur Photographer

top 15 best photography forums amateur photographer
Amateur Photographer Forum

Amateur Photographer has about 47,614 members and has 1,350,246 total post which is huge. Apart from various categories of forum issues this forum also has a big Gallery of 29.5 GB with 867 albums in 242 categories. One can discuss here and sell himself here. Main categories of this forum are Forum Notices, Amateur Photographer Magazine, Amateur Photographer Community, Photography Equipment, and Technical Discussions about photography etc.

12. AVForums

top 15 best photography forums avforumus

AVForums is huge in size and categories. This forum is not only for photographers but also for others. This is a big forum site and Digital Photography Forums is a sub-category under Tech & Gadget Forums which is also huge in size. All subcategories are not well designed but lots of people discuss here that’s why I have enlisted this forum here. AVForums has 336,552 total members and 1,795,185 total discussions.

13. PhotoForum.com

top 15 best photography forums photo forum

PhotoForum.com is a forum for all type of Photography enthusiasts. So far as March 13, 2016 the forum has Members: 41,622, Threads: 76,872 and Posts: 486,658. Main discussion areas are Photography Discussions, Photography Tips, Photo Critique, People Photography, HDR Photography, Film Photography Forum and Photography Contests.

14. Luminous Landscape Forum

top 15 best photography forums luminous photography forum
Luminous Landscape Forum

Luminous Landscape Forum 852123 Posts in 86183 Topics and 52357 Members. Main focuses area are Raw & Post Processing, Printing, Equipment & Techniques, The Art of Photography etc. This forum has a large discussion forum about RAW photography and post processing image which is very helpful to photo editors. Monthly subscription fee is 1$ which is affordable. So for the amateur photographers this is the right place.

15. ClubSNAP Photography Forums

top 15 best photography forums clubsnap
ClubSNAP Photography Forum

Another large forum having 144,733 Members and 1,473,169 total Threads. This forum also has a large gallery for photographers. Main categories of this forum are Photoshoots, Workshops and Photo Tours, General Discussions, Photo Galleries, User group Discussions, Equipment Discussions, Alternative Photography, Moving Pictures, Virtual Shops and a FAQs & Feedback Channels. You will find lots of ongoing and upcoming photography workshop news here. You can choose a nearby location for this classes and learn some more.

Guidelines for participating in a photography forum: 

  • You can’t go further ignoring the rules of any community.  So my first advice is to obey the guidelines. 
  • Do not spam. That means do not post any irrelevant content in any thread. Some forums hate Spam / Advertising / Self-promote so be careful about posting anything.
  • Do not post anything that violated the copyright of another person or company.
  • Don’t post “offensive” posts, links or nude images.

These are some basic guidelines for posting in photography forums. But every photography forum has unique guidelines. So please be sure to read the forum guidelines before posting anything at any forum. If you only want canon forum or Nikon forum then you can google it. You can use advance google search tricks to be specific on search results. If I miss any top photography forum in my best photography forums list then please mention it in the comment box below.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How to block/prevent access to windows Registry Editor

We all are concerned about our computer‘s security. We don’t want any unauthorized access, data leakage, unwanted programs or anyone to change the way our computer runs. So what to do? Windows operating system itself has some solutions. We don’t need any 3rd party software. We can enforce strict security measures by blocking USB ports, blocking windows command prompt, restrict access to registry editor by Group Policy editor gpedit, by Windows Registry Editor or by other registry editing tools.

Restrict disable or Prevent access to Windows Registry Editor

What is windows Registry Editor?

Windows registry editor is a registry editing tool provided by windows operating system to the advanced computer users. You can view and change the settings in system registry the way you want to run your computer. You can install, uninstall new programs, block any website , create user profile add and remove any hardware and many more.

Restrict, disable or Prevent access to Windows Registry Editor:

We will show you three different ways to disable or restrict access to Registry Editor. You must have to have administrative privilege to change the settings.

Prevent access to Registry Editing Tools using Windows Group Policy Editor/GPEDIT:

  • Open Windows Run by pressing (Windows key +R)
  • Type gpedit.msc in the box and hit ENTER
  • Go to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System
  • Look at the right pane and search for “Prevent Access To Registry Editing Tools”

Prevent access to Windows Registry Editor
  • Double click on it and set as Enable. Click on Apply > Ok.
disable or Prevent access to Windows Registry Editor

If anyone open the registry editor he/she will face “registry editing has been disabled by your administrator” error message.

Enable access to Registry Editing tools using Windows Group Policy Editor/GPEDIT:

*** This method restrict all users including you from registry editing. If you want to enable access or regain access to registry editing tools then revisit to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System and set the value of “Prevent Access to Registry Editing Tools” as “Not Configured”.

Restrict or Prevent access to Registry Editor using Windows Registry Editor/REGEDIT:

  • Open Windows Run by pressing (Windows key +R)
  • Type “regedit” in the box and hit ENTER
  • Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Policies > System
  • Look at the right pane and search for “DisableRegistryTools”
  • Double click on it and change the value to 1
  • Click on Apply > Ok

Enable access to Registry Editing tools using Registry Editor:

*** If you want to enable access or regain access then again navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Policies > System and change the value of DisableRegistryTools with “0”. Set other users type as Standard User so they can’t be able to write in registry and only you have the right of editing in registry editor.

Restrict, disable or Prevent access to Registry Editor using Windows Command Prompt/CMD:

  • Open Windows Run by pressing (Windows key +R)
  • Type “cmd” and press ENTER
  • In the box paste the quoted value “REG add  HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v DisableRegistryTools /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f”
  • This will disable user’s access to windows registry editor.

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Enable access to Registry Editing tools using Windows Command Prompt:

*** To enable access to registry editor again paste the quoted value “REG add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v DisableRegistryTools /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f” in the command prompt.

Note: When trying to enable registry editor again you may receive:

ERROR: Registry editing has been disabled by your administrator and prompt.

To solve this problem type “net user administrator /active:yes” in the cmd and press Enter in order to enable default administrator account.

Restrict or Prevent access to Windows Registry Editor

Remember, this is very important to a network administrator of a large company or to you if you have a computer having too many user accounts then you need to block/disable/restrict/prevent access to windows Registry Editor to avoid unauthorized access to windows registry or prevent your computer from unwanted programs such as virus. You can use registry editing tools like by Group Policy gpedit/gpo/registry editing tools/windows command prompt, any method you like. These methods will work with windows 10/8 or windows 7.

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Saturday, March 5, 2016

How to Enable/Disable lock/Unlock USB Ports

You may have personal documents in your computer which you wouldn’t like to share via USB flash drive from USB port. So what to do? You can enable USB protection by simply lock USB storage access or disable USB ports of all USB hub to prevent data leakage by USB drive.  This is very important for a software company, IT firm or any private business who don't want to share their private documents or want to restrict users from taking any data from the work station. So you can better block/disable USB access to mitigate your business’s security risks and protect your sensitive files. On the other hand I will also show you how to enable or unblock USB drive, the only thing you need is administrative privilege to do the job. You can also block windows command prompt to ensure more security.

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enable disable usb ports

How to Enable/Disable/lock/unlock USB ports or drives

I will show you six easy methods of enabling/ disabling USB access of a computer without any USB lock software. Windows operating system itself has the solution. If you’re the administrator then use any of the following methods to Enable/Disable USB drive of your computer. If you found the USB access disabled then I suggest you to try every method because you’re not sure which way the USB port access was disabled.

1. Enable or Disable USB ports via Device Manager.
2. Enable/Disable USB ports by changing registry values in windows registry editor.
3. Enable or Disable USB ports by installing or uninstalling USB mass storage drive.
4. Enable/Disable USB ports through BIOS set up.
5. Enable or Disable USB ports by changing permissions to usbstor.inf and usbstor.pnf files.
6. Lock or Unlock USB ports of front panel by connecting or disconnecting USB header.

Enable or Disable USB ports via Device Manager:

  • Press Windows key+R
  • In the “Run” type devmgmt.msc 
  • This will open Device Manager of the computer. Now look for Universal Serial Bus Controller and double click on it.
  • In the sub-menu panel check any port whether it is disabled by the admin. 

block unblock usb ports by Device Manager

  • Enable all the ports.

*** You can disable USB ports by disabling all the ports in the Universal Serial Bus Controller.

Enable/Disable USB ports by windows registry editor:

This is also an easy option. You can block or unblock USB by changing the registry values.

  • Press Windows key+R
  • In the “Run” type> regedit
  • Navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SYSTEM> CurrentControlSet> Services> USBSTOR”
  • In the right side pane double click on START and change its value to 3 to enable USB ports.

enable disable usb drives by registry editior

  • Click Apply> OK

*** To disable USB Storage change START value to 4 in the right pane of USBSTOR. Click apply then OK. You will be able to use pen drive now.

Lock or Unlock USB ports by installing or uninstalling USB mass storage drive:

When authorities are really cautious about security of the important documents and they can enforce this method. Admin can uninstall mass storage drive.

  • Insert any USB drive and let windows find the right compatible USB driver for your USB disk.
  • Windows will check for appropriate driver. Update the USB driver and you will be able to use USB ports then.
  • You have to have admin access to apply this method.

*** To uninstall USB mass storage drive go to device manager and select the USB driver from Universal Serial Bus Controller. Right click on it and click uninstall.

Enable/Disable USB ports through BIOS set up:

To disable USB port in bios settings follow those simple steps:

  • Enter BIOS edit menu by pressing DEL when computer starts at the very first page.
  • Look for the option “enable or disable the on-board USB ports”
  • Turn of all USB and Legacy USB Support to disable USB port. 
  • After changing the value press F10.
  • Save and Enter.
  • Computer will then restart now check the USB ports to be sure that they have been properly disabled.

*** To turn on or enable USB ports via BIOS simply enable all USB and Legacy USB supports.

Enable or Disable USB by changing permissions to usbstor.inf and usbstor.pnf:

  • Open windows explorer
  • Type “%windir%\inf” and hit ENTER
  • Now you’re in the C:\Windows\INF folder. Look for usbstor.inf and usbstor.pnf files.

enable unlock usb ports by changing permission

  • You have to change the permission in both files.
  • Right click on the file and select Properties. Then Go for securities tab. 
  • Select the user or users group you want to control. Like Users or Administrators.
  • To change permissions click on EDIT.

unblock block usb ports by changing permission

  • To block any user or user group DENY all attributes and to unblock any groups or users click on Full control, or you can manually check the boxes.

***If you deny all the value to any user then he/she will not be able to install any USB driver in your computer and if you allow full control to any user he/she will be able to install USB driver.

Disconnect Desktop computer’s front USB port by disconnecting USB header:

This is a very old method. This will only work for front USB panel.

  • In the computer casing USB ports were connected by USB headers.
  • Simply unplug the USB header to disable/block front USB panel
***You can enable it again by connecting the USB header.

USB storage's like pen drive, flash drive or USB memory sticks can deliver malware infections that can lead to data leakage, and bring auto play virus or any other unwanted programs.  Sometime disabling USB ports is a must. To a large company customer data, company’s financial information, employee data, business plan, source code, marketing plan and intellectual property is very much important. So network administrators can block USB storage anytime to ensure company’s security by enforcing parental control over USB access.

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