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Career Oriented Education

Career Oriented Education

Career Oriented Education

Career oriented education emphasized in the matter of building a career according to one’s choice.  When a student studies social science he should build his career in that section.  Suppose a student’s major is Anthropology.  It is a subject inside social science faculty. He can take various training to ease his path of career to get not only Anthropology related jobs but also other jobs in Social Science sector. But he shouldn’t choose a bank sector job or data entry job. Because he will not be able to go so far. Because his certificate will not support his career goal after a certain time. For example someone has a master’s degree in Anthropology and someone has a degree in Bank Management.  They both get job in the same bank as a Management trainee officer. After five or ten years or in the time of promotion the person with the Bank Management degree will surely get preference.

Vocational education vs. career oriented education:

Vocational education is education within vocational schools that prepares people for a specific trade. It directly develops expertise in techniques related to technology, skill and scientific technique to span all aspects of the trade. (Wikipedia).
On the other hand Career oriented education means something broad something different than vocational education and something more. Career oriented education explains how a person learnt for all his life and if he is implementing his learning through his career. The books he read, the major and group he studied will come less useful if his job sector is totally different.

How the process is going in many countries of 3rd world:

After a baby is born his or her parents think that their baby will be a doctor or Engineer.  And after his/her compilation of secondary school and higher secondary school he gets admitted in a university. He doesn’t get his preferable subject most of the time.  After compilation of his Honors degree usually he completes his masters in the same subject.  Sometimes a very few of the students get another degree to build up his career.

Case Study in Bangladesh: 

There are 34 Public University in Bangladesh and there are more than 65 Private Universities.  All public University take admission test for the honor’s program. Some students get their preferable subject sometimes and some are not.  After getting honors and master’s degree a student usually gets himself ready for the job sector. Main job sectors are civil service jobs, bank jobs, non-governmental organizations and other private sector jobs. Sometime a student tries for a job in all sectors.  He fails to maintain his destiny.  He tries to get a job of any kind. Sometimes a job is a crying need. That’s why he can’t set his mind and smoothly build up his career. This is one of the main obstacles of building up career.

Ignoring Special Education and Inclusive education:

Most of the universities have different types of quota systems for handicapped students. But what happens after finishing ones education.  Most of the time they don’t get better job. This system need to be changed.  Govt. or other responsible authorities should take it very seriously.

Solutions and Career guidance:

Teachers and parents should guide students all time. They can guide them; tell them ideas about job selection, career goals. In some cases group study, communication, technical awareness can help a lot.

Career oriented training helps a lot getting better jobs.
Group communications helps to find out alternatives way of thinking and getting job news.
Building technical awareness such as finding scholarships, attending seminars and other ways to boost up physiological energy to move forward.

Further education like MPhil and PhD and should go forward to other educational research.
Increasing social awareness and career opportunities.
Changing education policy in an effective way.
Face different career tests to boost up potentiality.
Standard of Education needs to be improved.


Building career is a lifetime process. This process ends while our life ends. To lead a successful professional life we have to care about our goals.

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