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Low budget Canon and Nikon Lenses for photography

Low budget Camera Lenses for photography

Camera lenses and Photography:  

low budget canon and nikon lenses for photography

Camera lens plays a vital role in terms of photography. In my previous post I already mentioned photographer behind the camera is the main factor. It’s about ideas, planning, way of thinking, framing etc. If you are good at that definitely you will get better result. There are so many lenses in market. Canon produces its own lens besides that Nikon Nikkor lenses, Sigma, Tamron are renowned lens companies.  You have to choose lens according to your need.

Low budget Dslr Lenses:  

Price of Dslr lenses vary a lot. It can be from 200$ to $2 Million. Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 APO EX DG charges about $25,000  and price of Canon 1200mm  (which is also called “The mother of all Telephotos”) is $ 120,000. But in this article I am going to tell you about some useful cheap lens which we can easily afford.

Types of Lenses:

There are various types of lenses in the market. These are below:

Low budget Zoom lenses:   

 low budget photography lenses

These lenses are for mainly Semi-professional photographers and for beginner photographers. These lenses are cheaper than telephoto zoom lenses. But some lenses like Canon EF-S 18-135mm IS, and Canon EF-S 18-135mm ISSTM cost more than some telephoto zoom lens like Canon EF-S 55-250mm IS II or Nikon AF-S 55--200mm VR. Some zoom lenses are:

Low budget Prime lenses:   

low price photography lenses
I personally love prime lens. Prime lenses give sharp images. For those who love taking portrait photos prime lens is a must lens for them. There are some low budget prime lenses below:

Low budget wide angle lenses:  

Wide angle lenses mainly for Landscape photography, real estate/architecture and interior photography.  It is very crucial to many photo applications from photojournalism to landscape and architecture photography. There are some examples of low budget wide angle lenses:

Low budget macro lenses:  

low budget lenses photographyIf you want to see your subject larger than frame then you can have a macro lens. Macro lenses also give excellent image quality and very fun to use. It is one of the most interesting types of photography, as it shows you the detail that is not easily seen by naked eye. Some low budget Macro lenses are named below:

Low budget Telephoto zoom lenses:   

low budget lens for photographyA zoom lens is that can zoom a part of the images according to photographers choice so that it appears at close and as full image. Zoom in and zoom out is the main option here. By changing focal point these types of lenses can magnify within its range. Basically 18-55mm, 18-200mm, 18-135mm lenses are zoom lenses, and from 50 to next zoom level such as 55-250mm, 50-200mm, 70-200mm 70-300mm and 100-400mm are telephoto lenses. It’s because 50mm is considered as the normal focal length because when we look through a 50mm lens it does not appear as if there is any magnification. It looks like seeing with my own eyes. Some of the best low budget telephoto lenses are named below:

Fish-eye lens:  

Fish-eye lenses give images that are broader than we can see. There are two types of fish-eye lens available. One of them is diagonal fish-eye lens and the other is circular fish-eye lens. Diagonal fish-eye lens captures the full frame on the other hand circular fish-eye lens creates a round image in camera.  Fish-eye photography can produces specialized creative photography in good hand.  No fish-eye lens is cheap but these examples of fish-eye lenses are cheaper than other. The examples are below:

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  1. Very informative and useful for the beginners !

  2. It would be nice if also something could be said about the quality of the lenses. Some of them are reviewed by Ken Rockwell. Ken's site is something I frequently consult if I want to check out something. It's

    1. Thanks for your concern. I am already working on it and i will publish it soon.

  3. The final image your camera captures is highly dependent upon not only selecting the right camera lens, but also opting for quality camera lenses. Best Buy has a great selection of the camera lenses you need to capture the perfect shot.

  4. Among camera lenses canon lenses are cheaper than Nikon lenses, like canon 50mm. What about sigma and tamron? I mean the quality of lenses.

    1. Sigma and Tamron are good lenses also but not better than Canon and nikon. canon 50mm is a very good low budget lens for photography.

  5. Low budget digital camera Canon, Nikon nikkor camera lenses photography,telephoto lens, wide angle lens, macro lens and fisheye lens for ...


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