Monday, September 7, 2015

Useful run commands we should know.

Top Useful Run Commands to learn:

run commands

Run commands helps you to work quickly in your computer. It helps us find some application quicker than manual system and also help us to be productive.  We don’t need every RUN command every day.  Some are special and we need them frequently.
Run command is accessible through the Start menu and the shortcut key—(Windows+R)
Link.  Learn More about RUN ( Wikipedia)

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Depending on purposes I am going to divide it into 3 divisions

1. Daily General Uses (We need them regularly)
2. For Internet use: (As per requirement)
3. Computer clean up commands (We need it once in a week)

Daily General Uses:

“Calc”- Open Calculator.
“\”—access c drive.
“Cmd”- Open command prompt.
“Control”—Open control panel.
“Logoff”/”shutdown”—Use if you want one of this.
 “Write”- windows wordpad.
“.” Current user home folder.
“Notepad”- for notepad
“Mspaint”—microsoft paint.
“Snippingtool”—Snipping Tool.

For Internet use: 

“Iexplore”---Internet Explore
“Firefox”- Firefox
“Chrome”- Chrome Browser
“inetcpl.cpl”—Internet options

Pc clean up commands:

Computer gets faster if you run those commands: 

“Temp”- Delete Temporary Files.
“%temp%”- Delete Temporary Files in C Drive.(Different types of temp file)
“Prefetch”- Delete Temporary Files.(Different types of temp file)
“Recent”-- For Deleting recent files.
“Tree”-- Smooth Computer performance.
“Cleanmgr”-- Open disk clean up.
“Dfrgui”- Open Disk Defragmenter

Other useful RUN commands: 

“Regedit”—Registry editor
“Taskmgr”- Task manager
“Utilman”—Utility Manager
“Dvdplay”/’wmplayer”- Windows Media Player
“appwiz.cpl”—add or Remove programs
“timedate.cpl”—Time and date properties.
“Dxdiag”- Direct X Diagonostic.
“Diskpart”—Disk Partition Manager
“Displayswitch”-- Connect PC to a Projector
“Osk”--- On Screen Keyboard
“desk.cpl”--- Screen Resolution.
“Winver”—Windows Version
“perfmon.msc”—Monitor performance of windows pc.

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  1. You're welcome. Those run commands are really helpful.

  2. Thanks alot and I already know a few of these...about test them out


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