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Top Useful Computer Keyboard shortcuts

Top useful computer keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcutsThere are so many computer keyboard shortcuts in windows. Some keyboard shortcut keys are for browsers, some for document files such as MS office, some for General uses and many other purposes. I am here with the detail. And of course i am  not going to tell all the keyboard shortcuts because we don't need all of them all the time. Some are very essential time saving and help us speed up our productivity. I am going to share you that.

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 keyboard shortcuts of Function keys:

  • F1=Help Screen.
  • F2= Rename an item.
  • F3=Search for a file or Folder.
  • F4=Display address bar in file explorer.
  • F5=Refresh page/Reload page.
  • F11=Enter or Exit full screen.

Essential General Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+A= Select All.
  • Ctrl+C=Copy Selected.
  • Ctrl+F=Find in Folder or Browser.
  • Ctrl+P=Print a Document.
  • Ctrl+S= Save Current Document.
  • Ctrl+V=Paste Selected.
  • Ctrl+W=Close Current Window.
  • Ctrl+X=Cut Selected.
  • Ctrl+Y=Redo Last Action.
  • Ctrl+Z=Undo Last Action.
  • Shift+Delete= Delete Permanently.
  • Alt+F4=Close entire window.
  • Windows Key= Open Start Menu.
  • Windows Key+L=Lock Desktop.
  • Windows Key+E=Open Explorer.
  • Windows Key+D=Minimize Window to show Desktop.
  • Windows Key+M=Minimize all windows.
  • Windows Key+R=Open Run Option.
  • Windows KeyU=Open Utility Manager.

New keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10 :

  • Windows Key+A=Open Action Center.
  • Windows Key+C=Lunch Cortana In Listening Mode.
  • Windows Key+I=Settings.
  • Windows Key+S=Lunch Cortana Normal Mode.
  • Windows Key+Ctrl+D=Create New Virtual Desktop.
  • Windows Key+Ctrl+F4=Close Current Desktop.
  • Windows Key+Ctrl+Left or Right Arrow=Switch Between Virtual Desktops.
  • Windows Key+TAB=Task View.
  • ALT+TAB= Switch between open windows.(Not new, but new thumbnail style)

 keyboard Shortcuts for Browsing:

  • Ctrl+T=Open New Tab.
  • Ctrl+D=Bookmark a page.
  • Ctrl+TAB=Switch between Tabs.
  • Ctrl+H=Open Browsing History
  • Ctrl+F=Find text in current page.
  • Alt+Home= Go to Home Page.
  • F5=Reload Page
  • ESC= Stop Loading current page.

Some people loves to  do most of the job with keyboard. Keyboards such as Bluetooth keyboard and USB keyboard make it easier now. Although there are so many keyboard shortcuts except those i think we generally need those keyboard shortcuts frequently.

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  1. Very good post. Like it.

    1. Thank you. Computer keyboard shortcuts help us a lot to boost productivity.


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