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Top 15 Best Photography Forums

You may ask why photography forum when I have so many sites to learn and share different photography tips or tutorials. There are so many social sites to share your work and so many photography blogs and photography websites to learn about photography. But I think photography forums are one of the best option to interact with the people of your type and your niche. So the reasons to join in the best photography forums is different.

top 15 best photography forums for photography

The main reasons behind joining any forum is to Learn, teach, and to sell yourself like a professional photographer.  At a forum there are so many topics to view and discuss. Pick the right topic or thread that you need. May be you have a photography blog site, or small business related to photography then communicating and making a strong network with people under your niche is very crucial for you. You can build you audience, learn more about photography tips, photography rules and guidelines from here.

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You can learn photography tips and tricks from various sources like blogs, website, video sites and forums. Now I’m going to share Top 15 Best Photography Forums with you.

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15 Best Photography Forums for photographers:

1. The Photo Forum

top 15 best photography forums the photo forum
The Photo Forum

This is a very useful forum for the photographers. Most of the online photographers know this forum very well. The forum focuses on photography tips and various topics about digital photography. This forum has total 199,672 registered members and 3,394,465 posts so far. Main areas of this forum are TPF Photo Contests, Foundations of Photography, Camera Forum, The Business District, Film Photography, Digital Photography, DSLR Video, Photo Galleries and Forum Feedback and Testing with so many sub categories in every category.

2. DPreview Forum

top 15 best photography forums dpreview
DPreview Forum

The website Digital photography Review is the sole owner of 2. DPreview Forums.  This digital photography forum was established January 1999 and so far it has 3,774,262 threads and 40,395,690 posts. This forum has a large discussion topics about Photo Equipment with so many sub categories for different camera equipment’s. Other main categories are Computers and Printing, Photography and Techniques and many other subcategories including Landscape and Travel Photography, Portrait and People Photography, Black and White Photography, 3D and Stereo Photography, Nature and Wildlife Photography, Documentary and Street photography, Sport and Action Photography, Macro and Still Life Photography, Astrophotography Talk Forum, General Photo Techniques, DIY and Photo Experiments, Underwater Photography, Photographic Science and Technology. The Photo Equipment is large and covers most of the areas of photo equipment.

3. Photography on the Net

top 15 best photography forums photograpy on the net
Photography on the Net Forum

I think this one is the most popular to Canon lovers. Main discussion topics of this forum is Photo Sharing & Visual Enjoyment, General Gear Talk, Post Processing, Marketing & Presenting Photos, Gear Reviews, Canon Cameras, Lenses & Accessories, Leica Cameras, Lenses & Accessories, Sony Cameras, Lenses & Accessories, Nikon Cameras, Lenses & Accessories and many more. This forum has 385,505 members, 17,718,199 posts, 1,412,305 threads, 2,034,240,812 thread views so far.


top 15 best photography forums photography Forum

This forum covers different types of photography with techniques. This forum has a different corner for premiere members so you have to pay to view this areas. The main areas of this forum are Photography Corner, General Photography, Photo Sharing Corner, Critiques & Feedback Corner, Photography Contests, Premiere Members lounge (Only for premiere members), The Marketplace and Feedback section. As of March 13, 2016 total number of Threads: 115,494, Posts: 808,275, Members: 47,925.

5. Photography Talk

top 15 best photography forums photographytalk
Photography Talk Forum

Web design of this forum is not good enough but has huge topics and has a large number of audience every day. Main two section of this forum are Photography and Camera Forum, and General Discussion | Introductions | Off Topic Forum. Photography and Camera Forum has some useful category and subcategory like Beginner Photography Forum, Editing and Presentation of photography, Freelance Photography, Photography Challenge, Landscape, City & Architecture photography, Macro Photography, Sports and Action Photography, Nature and all Wildlife, Black and White Photography, Travel Photography any many more with a huge number of topics in every category. This forum has also different sections for each camera brand like Nikon Camera Forum, Canon Camera Forum, Pentax Camera Forum, Olympus Camera Forum, Sony Camera Forum and many more.

6. Digital Grin (DGrin)

top 15 best photography forums digital grin
Digital Grin (DGrin) Forum

Digital Grin forum has a user friendly design and has a large number of useful posts. This forum has different categories and some other sub forums that is very easy to use. Main focus areas of this forum are Gear, Low Budget Lenses, Digital Darkroom, Camera Accessories, Book and Gear Reviews, Tutorials, tips for choosing a location, photography techniques and different types of photography. As of March 13, 2016 this forum has 239,755: Threads, 1,982,973: Posts and 78,079: Members.

7. The Professional Photography Forum

top 15 best photography forums the professsional photograpy forum
The Professional Photography Forum

This one is a top-class forum and has some great features. There is a news section related to photography news and a business photography section named as The Business of Photography.  Areas of business photography section are Marketing, Running your business and Marketplace help and these guidelines will help new professional photographers a lot. So far the forum has 81898 Posts in 7393 Topics by 2608 Members.

8. Digital Wedding Forum

top 15 best photography forums digital wedding forum
Digital Wedding Forum

This forum is huge but main focuses on wedding photography, wedding photography tips, techniques and resources. Registered members upload their images and videos for discussion and criticism. Main areas of this forum are Marketing & Sales, Art & Shooting, Gear & Software, Portraits, Boudoir, and Fusion etc. This forum is not free to register. You have to pay to be a member here. As of March, 2016, it has more than 5,500 registered members.

9. Photomacrography.Net

top 15 best photography forums photomacrography
Photomacrography.Net Forum

Photomacrography.Net has a total of 184655 articles and 5099 registered users. The forum has a user friendly design and some useful topics. Macro and Micro photography are the main focuses here. Main categories of this forum are Community Discussions and Announcements, Image Galleries, Techniques and Technical Discussions of photography and Beginners Forums. Beginners Forums has two sub sections. They are Beginners Macro and Beginners Micro. So to amateur photographer this is a perfect place.

10. The Australian Photography Forum

top 15 best photography forums australian photography forum
The Australian Photography Forum

Though it is named as Australian Photography Forum but it is open for all. The table of content of this forum is very well-designed. The forum is mainly related to tips and tricks of photography. There is also a category name Mobile Phone photography so mobile photographers get ready to learn some more tips. Main categories of this forum are Beginners Photography, General Photos, Landscapes, Nature, Portraits, Macro & Still Life Photography, Night Photography/ Low light photography tips, Art & Special Effects Photography and so many more. The Australian Photography Forum has total Threads 3,072 Posts 23,909 Members 19,927 and no of Active Members is 161.

11. Amateur Photographer

top 15 best photography forums amateur photographer
Amateur Photographer Forum

Amateur Photographer has about 47,614 members and has 1,350,246 total post which is huge. Apart from various categories of forum issues this forum also has a big Gallery of 29.5 GB with 867 albums in 242 categories. One can discuss here and sell himself here. Main categories of this forum are Forum Notices, Amateur Photographer Magazine, Amateur Photographer Community, Photography Equipment, and Technical Discussions about photography etc.

12. AVForums

top 15 best photography forums avforumus

AVForums is huge in size and categories. This forum is not only for photographers but also for others. This is a big forum site and Digital Photography Forums is a sub-category under Tech & Gadget Forums which is also huge in size. All subcategories are not well designed but lots of people discuss here that’s why I have enlisted this forum here. AVForums has 336,552 total members and 1,795,185 total discussions.


top 15 best photography forums photo forum is a forum for all type of Photography enthusiasts. So far as March 13, 2016 the forum has Members: 41,622, Threads: 76,872 and Posts: 486,658. Main discussion areas are Photography Discussions, Photography Tips, Photo Critique, People Photography, HDR Photography, Film Photography Forum and Photography Contests.

14. Luminous Landscape Forum

top 15 best photography forums luminous photography forum
Luminous Landscape Forum

Luminous Landscape Forum 852123 Posts in 86183 Topics and 52357 Members. Main focuses area are Raw & Post Processing, Printing, Equipment & Techniques, The Art of Photography etc. This forum has a large discussion forum about RAW photography and post processing image which is very helpful to photo editors. Monthly subscription fee is 1$ which is affordable. So for the amateur photographers this is the right place.

15. ClubSNAP Photography Forums

top 15 best photography forums clubsnap
ClubSNAP Photography Forum

Another large forum having 144,733 Members and 1,473,169 total Threads. This forum also has a large gallery for photographers. Main categories of this forum are Photoshoots, Workshops and Photo Tours, General Discussions, Photo Galleries, User group Discussions, Equipment Discussions, Alternative Photography, Moving Pictures, Virtual Shops and a FAQs & Feedback Channels. You will find lots of ongoing and upcoming photography workshop news here. You can choose a nearby location for this classes and learn some more.

Guidelines for participating in a photography forum: 

  • You can’t go further ignoring the rules of any community.  So my first advice is to obey the guidelines. 
  • Do not spam. That means do not post any irrelevant content in any thread. Some forums hate Spam / Advertising / Self-promote so be careful about posting anything.
  • Do not post anything that violated the copyright of another person or company.
  • Don’t post “offensive” posts, links or nude images.

These are some basic guidelines for posting in photography forums. But every photography forum has unique guidelines. So please be sure to read the forum guidelines before posting anything at any forum. If you only want canon forum or Nikon forum then you can google it. You can use advance google search tricks to be specific on search results. If I miss any top photography forum in my best photography forums list then please mention it in the comment box below.


  1. This one is the best photography forum list I have found so far. Thanks for this. Can you suggest me the best photography forums for beginners or amateurs. I am a macro photography lover. Is there any only macro photography forum on the net?

    1. Thanks. This means a lot to me.All the photography forum is good for all types of photography. I think Photography Talk and Photomacrography.Net has the best solution for macro photography. And as an amateur you can visit all the photography forums.

  2. Thanks for this top photography forums list. Very useful and very informative. The Photo Forum is the best I think.

  3. Back in a days, when I've just started to take my first shots I've used to visit my favorite and have read articles about editing at Still, those two are my favorites and I'm not going to change my habits so far.

  4. Thanks for this comprehensive list! Just wanted to add a couple of more, like Light Stalking and Fotoblur. We have a shorter and a bit different list here:

  5. Thanks for sharing such a useful list of photography forums. i was looking them to get some relevant traffic to my website

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  8. Another great community is PhoGro. It's small (only a few hundred members) but this small size gives it a more personal feel.

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