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Best Canon entry-level DSLR cameras for beginners

DSLR cameras provide users a creative full control over the gear. Big budget DSLR camera gives more controls and comes with more specifications. But for students, semi-professional and photographers on a low budget an entry-level DSLR is enough to go. Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Sony have some great entry-level DSLR cameras for professional, amateur and semi-professional photographers. Here we'll discuss only about Canon entry-level DSLR cameras.

best entry level Canon cameras for beginners

Best Canon entry-level DSLR cameras:

Canon has a wide range of DSLR cameras in its arsenal for entry-level and semi-professional photographers. Such as:

  • Canon 1200D (Rebel T5)
  • Canon 600D (Rebel T3i)
  • Canon  650D (Rebel T4i)
  • Canon 700D (Rebel T5i)
  • Canon 750D (Rebel T6i)

Canon 1200D (Rebel T5)

Canon announced this camera on 11 February 2014. It is known as EOS Kiss X70 in Japan and EOS Rebel T5 in US. Canon EOS 1200D is 18.1-megapixel entry-level DSLR camera and has a 1080p video recording system.

entry level Canon cameras canon eos 1200d

Key features of Canon 1200D:

Canon 1200D aimed at the first-time DLSR users and comes with some great features. Main features of this camera is,

* 18 Megapixel CMOS * 9 AF points * Powerful DIGIC processor * Stuning 1080p movies
* Digic 4 processor * 3fps continuous shooting

Pros & Cons:

This is a very entry level camera so professionals may find some cons of this gear.


* Great high ISO performance * Easy to use * On budget


In live view mode the auto-focus struggles for correct focus * Brust mode is slow
*Low resolution LCD

Canon 600D (Rebel T3i)

The 18 megapixel Canon 600D/canon rebel t3i with a fully articulated display is one of the cheapest and top class entry level DSLR camera among Canon cameras. In North America it is called as EOS Rebel T3i and in Japan it is known as EOS Kiss X5. Canon EOS 600D supersedes the Canon EOS 550D/Rebel t2i and comes with a 1040k dots multi angle LCD display and a user friendly control menu.

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best entry level Canon cameras canon 600D

Key features of Canon 600D: 

This lightweight Canon camera has a very user friendly interface and offers a beautiful LCD screen which is very helpful for low and high angle photography. Canon EOS 600D is a very popular camera to all over the world.

*Fully articulated 1040k dots LCD screen.  *18 Megapixel CMOS sensor.    *ISO level 100-12,800
*Scene Intelligent Auto (Full Auto Mode).  * Inbuilt Wireless flash control   *Basic+ Mode
*Full HD 1080P video recording at 30fps.   *Digital Zoom in video recording (3–10×)

Pros & Cons:


*Excellent image quality           * Excellent video quality         * Multi-angle LCD
*Full HD video recording         *Fast autofocus                         *HDMI output
*Wireless flash transmitter        *Great depth of field                * Easy menu controls


* Poor build quality              *Noisy, excess shutter rolling noise    *Small hand-grip
* Slow video autofocus        *Slow AF in live view.                        * Short battery life

Canon 650D (Rebel T4i)

Canon 650D is the world’s first DSLR camera to introduce a vari-angle touchscreen LCD. This camera comes with a genius focusing system and with some new features than the predecessor Canon 600D.  Canon 650D has a Digic 5 processor which is about six time faster than 600D’s digic 4.

best entry level Canon cameras canon eos 650d

Main Features of Canon 650D: 

This is a perfect fit for photographers who want to start their DSLR adventure. It is a mid-range camera with a decent design and some unique features.

* Digic 5 processor * 18.0 MP APS-C CMOS sensor * 5 fps continuous shooting
* Vari- angle LCD touch screen * 9-point wide-area AF

Pros & Cons:


* Touchscreen * Vari-angle screen * Decent image quality and higher ISO
* 5fps continuous shooting * Easy Interface


* No headphone socket * Auto white balance isn’t always accurate
* Touchscreen should be improved

Canon 700D (Rebel T5i)

Canon 700D also known as rebel T5i is one of the best in any entry level DSLR with a superior image quality. 700D comes with a vari-angle clear view 1040k-dot LCD screen and took the place of short-lived Canon 650D. It has some unique features like mode dial that turns 360 degrees and real-time preview of Creative Filters in Live View mode.

best entry level Canon cameras canon eos 700d

Main Features of Canon 700D:

The highlighted features of this camera is 18MP CMOS sensor, Flips-out 1040k dot screen and 14 bit digic-5 processor. This camera produce surprisingly good images as an entry-level DSLR camera.

* 18MP APS-C 'Hybrid CMOS' sensor * 14-bit DIGIC 5 processor
* Higher ISO level 100-12800, 25600 when expanded. * 5 fps continuous shooting
* 9 point cross type AF system * 1040 dots touch screen vari-angle LCD screen.
* Continuous auto-focus in movie mode. * phase detection auto-focus for video and live view mode.

Pros & Cons:


*Superior image quality. * Great build quality * Nice noise control
* Great video quality and sound capture * Lightweight body * Responsive touchscreen


*Autofocus is slow in live view mode. * Autofocus sensor straggle to get sharp pixel with kit lens like 18-55mm. * Not a great update than the previous version. * Short video life.

Canon 750D (Rebel T6i)

This one is the greatest gear in the Canon Rebel series DSLR cameras. It is also known as Rebel T6i. 750D comes with a new 7560 pixel RGB+IR metering sensor and brings out more accurate metering. It is far better than its predecessor 700D. It not only an entry-level camera, I pro can also go with that. The 24.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor produces superb image quality. Other new features are like built in Wi-Fi with NFC and flicker detection.

best entry level Canon cameras canon eos 750d

Main Features of Canon 750D:

750D comes with a great autofocus. It is very easy to handle and very comfortable to shoot with. 750D’s control layout is better than predecessor that’s made the upgrade very useful.

*24.2 APS-C-CMOS sensor * 5 fps continuous shooting. * Canon DIGIC 6 processor
* ISO range of 100-12800 * Vari-angle LCD touchscreen * Full HD movie recording with great autofocus.

Pros & Cons:


* 19 cross type AF points * Wifi and NFC connectivity * Super quality responsive 3inch 1040k vari-angle touchscreen LCD. * Great autofocus system. * Great for low light photography.


*No weather Sealing. * Viewfinder doesn’t give 100% frame coverage (covers 95%)
*Uncomfortable route to AF point settings.

Photography is a beautiful art. Every DSLR camera from high-end to low-end are very useful. An amateur can take an amazing picture with the help of the DSLR cameras if he learn some photography technique like low light photography, custom bokeh shapes, HDR photography, Sunny 16 rule, Rule of thirds etc. This list of entry-level DSLR cameras is good to go with. They are very affordable and easy to handle. Entry-level DSLR cameras or cheap DSLR cameras are very useful to students, photographers on budget and to semi-professional photographers to start the photography career.


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