About: Trickytechtunes

About: Trickytechtunes

Welcome to “Trickytechtunes.com”.  I am Mohibullah Al Mamun, a photographer, blogger and a writer. I love to take photos a lot. Landscape, lifestyle, portrait, wedding, macro photography and photography under low light is my favorite areas. I write in several blogs, manage my Facebook page and google+ community page, sometimes go out on vacation and shoot photos what I love.

You will find different types of photography tips and tricks and numerous tech related post here. Tech related post are mainly related to computer tips and tricks, internet tricks, tech tunes and different types of update technology news. And photography posts are related to photography tips, tutorials for photographer's, digital camera body, lens and equipment analysis, tips and tricks etc. Sharing knowledge is a great idea. I love to do that. You can contact me anytime at mohibullah.mamun@gmail.com or you can use Contact US page instead. Thanks.

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Hello, I am Mohibullah Mamun. A photographer and a Blogger. Here to share my photography ideas, tips, tricks and update tech news with you. (Read More)

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